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Martin County Democrats Against Sugar Money

Excerpts from the Stuart News article that appeared on the front page of the local news section on July 26, 2013:

The Martin County Democratic Party plans to start writing off candidates who take campaign money from Big Sugar.

Martin's Democratic Executive Committee announced its new anti-sugar resolution during a Rivers Coalition meeting Thursday at Stuart City Hall. Under the proposal, the committee would not support nor endorse state legislative, county commission or other local candidates who have taken campaign cash from U.S. Sugar Corp., Florida Crystals Corp., or their affiliates.

The resolution echoes concerns that Indian River Lagoon and St. Lucie Estuary advocates have had with the sugar industry.
Dave Dew, state committeeman of Martin County, said the shutdown on sugar candidates transcends politics.
Big Sugar is consistently one of the biggest donors to state lawmakers' campaign funds, and both parties benefit. Each of the eight lawmakers representing the Treasure Coast has accepted a check from a sugar company, a subsidiary or an affiliate.

But St. Lucie County's Democratic Executive Committee doesn't anticipate a similar stance, said Chairwoman Celeste Bush.

The Martin County Republican Committee doesn't either, said Chairwoman Kate Boland.

Our US Represenative Democrat Patrick Murphy Does NOT Take Sugar Money!

Our Resolution:


It is herewith resolved;

Whereas the St. Lucie River and the Southern Indian River Lagoon have been despoiled by runoff effluent released from Lake Okeechobee.

Whereas the primary corporate entities, the Big Sugar corporations are contributing their funds to promote such releases down the St. Lucie river rather that through the natural flow-way which is the Everglades, thus protecting their own financial interests at the expense of the citizens of Martin County.

Whereas the political officials responsible for the protection of our invaluable natural resources have “sold out” their constituents (the citizens of Martin County) by voting in favor of Big Sugar interests after those political officials admit taking money and political assistance from Big Sugar and their affiliates in direct conflict with the best interests of their constituents.

Therefore we, the Martin County Democratic Executive Committee herewith resolve that, in coming elections for Florida State Representative, State Senator, Martin County Commission and other local elections, we will not support or endorse any candidate who takes money or in-kind donations indirectly from PACs' who support “Big Sugar” or directly from the following “Big Sugar” companies or their associates and affiliates:

Florida Crystals, Domino Sugar Co., C & H Sugar Co., Redpath Sugar,
Tate and Lyle, La Romana, Imperial Sugar, U.S. Sugar Corp.

Background & Research:

Maggie Hurchalla's Letter to Editor

Raising Cane — A History of Big Sugar in South Florida

(In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. Martin County Democratic Executive Committee has no affiliation whatsoever with the originator of this article nor is Martin County Democratic Executive Committee endorsed or sponsored by the originator.)